The simplified low iodine diet toolkit, your all-in-one resource for the low iodine diet, increasing your TSH, and radioactive iodine treatment.

Simplify the process of dealing with your difficult thyroid cancer diagnosis.  Menus, recipes, snacks, shopping lists, side effect tips, and more…


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The Simplified Low Iodine Diet will take you from cancer diagnosis through radioactive iodine treatment, including menus, shopping lists, helpful tips, and more.

Can you answer YES to any of these questions?

  • Have you recently been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with this diagnosis and the treatments ahead?
  • Do you feel confused about what is ahead for you?
  • Are you busy with little time to cook or meal plan?
  • Did you not even know about iodine in food (beyond iodized salt) until now?
  • Do you wish you could fine all the answers in one place?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I have a solution for you.

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Here's Exactly What is Included:

  1. A fully balanced 3 week low iodine menu with recipes.   All recipes require 30 minutes or less.
  2. A shopping list for the menu to make going to the grocery store quick and easy INCLUDING brand recommendations. 
  3. Low Iodine Diet Basics handout that will take you through what to eat, what NOT to eat, and reading labels. 
  4. Low Iodine Diet Guide to Dining Out with tips for eating out as well as specific restaurants and menus reviewed.

Over $75 Value

BONUS:  Low Iodine Snacks e-cookbook and guide with over 25 snack recommendations. 

BONUS:  Recovering from Thyroid Surgery handout with tips and tricks for nutrition after surgery. 

BONUS:  Dealing with Isolation handout with guidance on how to stay safe and sane during your isolation after radioactive iodine.

BONUS:  Dealing with Side Effects handouts with help dealing with side effects of hypothyroidism and radioactive iodine.  

Over $40 Value in bonuses

Buy Today for $115  only $39.99

Sound like something you need?

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Simplified Low Iodine Diet is for people diagnosed with papillary or follicular thyroid cancer undergoing surgery and radioactive iodine treatment.

You absolutely can figure out the low iodine diet on your own with resources online.  I have blog articles, like Low Iodine Diet Basics, that could help.  Our check out my resources page.  The Simplified Low Iodine Diet is here to provide an all-in-one resource to save you time and mental energy.  

No, this guide contains information already on my blog PLUS exclusive content not available on my blog.

The 3 week menu is designed to have four servings per meal.  It is based off an 1800-2000 calorie diet for a healthy adult.  You will get a breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day.

No, this is a standard menu.  If you want more specific menus or counseling, you can email  Individualized counseling is only available for residents of certain states due to licensing laws.  

You can join my Facebook group: Thyroid & Diet.  I regularly have videos and posts with more low iodine diet information as well as information for life after treatment.  You can also ask questions there.

For more individual support, you can contact me by email  Individual counseling is limited to certain states due to licensure laws. 


Who is the Low Iodine Dietitian?

Hi!  I’m Kim, the face behind The Low Iodine Dietitian.

I have been a Registered Dietitian for 10 years.  I have worked in hospital settings as well as long term care.  I have lived around the country, but currently reside in the Denver, Colorado area with my husband and 4 kids. I enjoy cooking, reading, hiking, skiing, riding my bike, and laughing with good friends and family.  I love the outdoors and delicious food.

Over 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  It has been an interesting road, with many ups and downs.  (Read my full story here.)  Life through treatment and beyond can be challenging, but I have found it easier to navigate with my nutrition background.  I am passionate about sharing that knowledge with you and helping you on this journey! 

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